Book Giveaway–Explanation, Boxing and Shipping

Took two days off from everything, gave my hands and wrists a chance to recuperate.

There were four more boxes of books, so I have 6 copies of Memory of Fire now (I had only a galley), some hardcover Glenraven, many, many Vincalis, more Wreck of Heaven, and some trade-size Courage of Falcons.

Some folks have been asking for complete series, for galleys (plural), for first books in series—generally these are folks far, far down the lists.

So I need to explain. I don’t have very many galleys or very many first books in series—any series—or rare hardcovers. I have only ONE copy of Hell on High, none of The Devil and Dan Cooley. I am completing series where I can, but the first people who asked will get those. I’m pretty sure by the time I get down to entry 99, there will still be some books left. There might even be some hardcovers left. There will be no galleys or first in series or complete series left by then.

Until I run out of them completely, every box will contain one especially cool book. One rare first paperback (signed), one galley (signed), one first edition hardcover (signed), or one first edition trade paperback (signed). No box of books will have more than one especially cool book, because there aren’t that many.

When I run out of the really cool stuff, I’ll post here, then add more books to the remaining boxes.

I’ve closed comments on the Book Giveaway post. If there are books left over after the first 99 requests, I’ll reopen the post and we’ll do an additional giveaway.

I’m shipping the first batch of books today, and packing the second batch. There will then be a delay, while I await the arrival of more boxes. They’re supposed to be here next week. Early, I hope, but there are no guarantees.

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9 responses to “Book Giveaway–Explanation, Boxing and Shipping”

  1. Redox Avatar


    My sympathies for your hands and wrists. In my case my BMW motorcycle was hit by a BMW auto–in Berlin OH–(the irony gong was ringing loudly that day)and I can type easily enough but handwriting is a bit painful. Have you tried a Sensa brand pen? They’re a lifesaver for me since I’m not always near a computer. I can write for hours with no pain with one of their ballpoints.

  2. Annalisa Avatar

    I wish I hadn’t been away for the weekend (helping clean out my late grandmother’s house)! Darn darn darn! I have been looking for the second two Secret Texts books without success but I’d really love to read anything more of yours, Holly. If you end up starting a new giveaway list, I’d really like to be on it, if possible. I hope your wrists and hands recover in the meantime.

  3. Chassit Avatar

    I’m just excited to be getting anything. Seriously Holly, you could send me some grass clippings and I’d probably be giddy for days.

  4. tambo Avatar

    Whatever you think that I’d like would be great, hon. And my daughter is a read-o-holic so they’ll definitely get devoured! Thank you so much for your generosity.


  5. Zink Johnson Avatar
    Zink Johnson

    That’s really thoughtful of you, Holly! *is excited* And waiting on boxes could be a good thing- a cast-iron excuse to rest your poor wrists, eh?

    (According to my computer, 99 requests of 7

  6. PharPhoo Avatar

    Hey Hollie. Sounds like quite the project. If you have any copies of Tayln left then I’d like a box o’ books. Your choice for the rest.


  7. crystallyn Avatar

    I’ll be happy if you send me pocket lint, honestly. 🙂

  8. Miri Avatar

    No problems here! My reasons are the same as Susan’s, but it’s all good.

    (And besides, anyone who whines over not getting their absolute choice of almost-free books…well, that’s just silly.)

  9. Susan Avatar

    If you don’t have them, that’s cool. I only mentioned it because I don’t already own any of them, so I just preferred as close to the beginning as possible so there are fewer books I have to track down elsewhere. 🙂

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