Book Giveaway at Demented Michelle

Incidentally, Michelle is giving away a free copy of Create a Character Clinic, and today is the last day to enter.

Her’s is one of the weblogs I wholeheartedly recommend, and this is, I think, a generous gift to her readers.

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3 responses to “Book Giveaway at Demented Michelle”

  1. aidanm Avatar

    Thanks! I’ll definitely include a mention of your site!

    Also, I’d just like to say thanks for keeping your articles free so that people like me who can’t afford to subscribe to something can benefit from them. Whenever I feel like nobody cares about my writing, I always re-read One Good Enemy and it gives me a fire in my gut.

  2. Holly Avatar

    Yes. You are welcome to alter them, work them around to fit your needs. That’s why I posted them. If you wouldn’t mind a quick credit back to me or a recommendation of the site posted on your handbook, I’d greatly appreciate it.

  3. aidanm Avatar

    I was wondering if I could use the Schrodinger’s Petshop manual as a basis for my own writers group? It would definitely be altered greatly, but a lot of the basic premise would remain. I’m trying to make the writers group I am a part of more productive and helpful.
    – Thanks

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