Bonus pages up in How To Revise Your Novel

The course isn’t up. The course isn’t done.

But if you want to take an early peek (and if you’re a Revise Your Novel student and have already reached Lesson 23/Bonus 1 in the course) you can also see the test movie I have up. 😀

Just log in, click on the Bonus 1 page, and scroll to the link on the bottom.

It uses a tiny segment of the actual course, but a pretty cool one.

Monday I’ll open the doors for new students on Monday, I’ll also post real lesson as they’re completed in the How To Revise Your Novel classroom.


As with my other big courses, the first students through will be able to download transcripts, worksheets, mindmaps, videos, and so on as I complete them, but because I’m creating the course as you’re taking it, everything arrives piecemeal.

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3 responses to “Bonus pages up in How To Revise Your Novel”

  1. Prue Avatar

    Holly, it’s coming through loud and clear.
    I feel so excited! HTRYN has already made such a difference to my work.
    Thanks 🙂

  2. Holly Avatar

    Thanks. I’m really excited about the way it’s turning out.

    The series is, of course, running long.

    The first section of the first day, Introduction to Fundamentals, was supposed to run half an hour. Instead, the first QUARTER of the first section is 22 minutes and change.

    So as usual, the series is going to be bigger and more in-depth than I’d originally planned.

  3. ron bruce Avatar
    ron bruce

    Holly, the test movie looks and sounds good.
    Very exciting.

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