Blogrolling Ate My Links

Hi, everyone. Blogrolling suffered from a tremendously ugly hiccup, apparently, and cleared out every single one of my links in my up-to-date paid account. How very special of them. (Guess who won’t be getting a renewed subscription in February.)

May I ask a favor? Can you help me rebuild my blogroll? If there were blogs that I linked to that you made favorites, could you add the URL to them here? Ditto if I linked to your blog? I know we’ll miss a few things that way, but at least we’ll ge the ones people really love back on the list.

I’ll come in during fifteen minute breaks today and start putting the list into WordPress, where evidently I should have had it to begin with.

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22 responses to “Blogrolling Ate My Links”

  1. Holly Avatar

    Hey, Bruce, sorry about the wrong link. I was sitting there reading your rants, remembered I wanted to copy your URL, and forgot I wasn’t on the index page anymore. I’ve fixed it.

    Other links might have errors, too. I was really, really tired when I put them in, and because the Blogrolling OPML wasn’t working, I had to do it by hand.

  2. Jenne Avatar

    I just wish I could figure out how to make Word Press indicate which blogs are updated. Holly, I’m glad you got your blogrolls back.

  3. PolarBear Avatar

    I’m pretty pleased with the WordPress blogroll management capabilities. I could subdivide them much more than I choose to.

  4. Holly Avatar

    After a day of reporting that I had no links, Blogrolling returned them. That gave me enough time to grab everything off of them, and then to just delete the blogroll. I’ll manage my links on my own from now on. Thanks to everyone for helping me put the list back together.

  5. Jenne Avatar

    I was linked under wanderers (, and I think you already have the other writers I link to. Sadly, my blogreading time has been limited.

    I wonder if blogroll lost my links too? I have many of mine in WordPress already.

  6. Deathbyabsurdity Avatar

    Umm, I was under philosophers (

    I remember Ronn, ( I do believe you got me hooked on some of the knitters, but the only one I can remember is Hello Yarn (

    Hope this helps,

  7. Gabriele Avatar

    I learned something from that. I’ve copied my entire template code into my files, so I can repost it in case some gnome eats anything. 🙂

  8. Steph T. Avatar
    Steph T.

    You’d linked to me under Wanderers: and Emma Gads too –

    And you’d linked Larissa under experimenters:

    and Froggy Ruminations (not sure category)

    Thanks Holly – sorry about blogrolling….

  9. Jason Penney Avatar

    You had a link to my blog (Thanks!), All the Billion Other Moments, under Collectors.


  10. eponin Avatar

    I think I found Motherhood is not for Wimps through your links, though I don’t remember what category it was in.

  11. PolarBear Avatar

    Oh. You and I link to many of the same places (but not all, unfortunately), so feel free to harvest from my blogroll. I notice on IE, it’s waaaaaaay down on the bottom at the moment. Haven’t gotten Firefox installed yet to see if it’s universally screwed up. Sheila probably catches most of the others.

  12. joela Avatar

    My blog was under Ascetics:

    I remember seeing 51313 Harbor Street but don’t remember under what category:

  13. Gabriele Avatar

    I knew I had linked to two of your Iraq blogs in an old entry: (Major K) (Candle in the Dark)

  14. Kayla LH Avatar

    A couple more:

    Lauren’s Minor Fiction was under Seekers. I think Michelle Rowen’s was too.

  15. PolarBear Avatar

    I’m preparing to transfer my links to the new machine, but I do recall my own:

  16. TinaK Avatar

    You linked to my blog – Scraps of Me – in the Wanderers section.

  17. arainsb123 Avatar

    You linked to my blog, Rantings of a Self-Published Writer. (Thanks for that, by the way! :D) The URL is .

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