Toys are evil, and websites are the biggest toys on the planet

. . . at least if you’re trying to get work done. On the one hand, I now have a truly nifty weblog tied in to my site, all the links fixed, all the colors matched to the actual site . . .

And on the other hand I’m still about 200 words shy of my quota for the day, with no idea of what happens next.

Enough of toys, then. On to work for a while.

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Trying more technology

Well, my people are arguing in a hall, and I’m trying not to find some excuse to kill them all, which would be a quick and unfortunate end to what’s supposed to be a fairly long interlinked series.
So I’m trying out the Blog This! right-click pop up menu. If it works, it’ll automatically update my log without me having to go into the Blogger site. And wouldn’t that be convenient.
But I’m not exactly flying on the writing. 2044 words, but I’ve been at this since 1:30 PM. Argh.

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A moment of triumph in a frustrating day

Neat. Got a nice template, everything is set up, and it actually seems to be working. Now to set up the site with everybody else’s weblogs. I get so creative about everything else when I’m stuck on the writing.
But at least the site is up, and I can see how everyone is doing on the Novel-in-November.

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Hey! Hey damn. Success! Something actually showed up on the thing. I’m live.

Now I have to find a better template.

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