I made the mistake of having multiple ways that folks could suggest great rewards for my Ko-Fi fiction-writing fund.

Listing sponsor in the ACKS is automatic — to the point that if you don’t WANT to be in the Acknowledgements, you’ll need to let me know.

But everything else I CAN do is under consideration, and among the many things I forgot to add were:

  • Scenes from another character’s POV (an example, since all the Cadence Drake stuff is from her POV, would be getting to see Herog’s take on the same event)
  • DRAWING to be included as a minor character in a book (generally one who gets killed off, as tradition dictates)
  • DRAWING for a signed first-edition print version of a novel
  • DRAWING for full class access to my six-class “Create A” writing series (the sixth book, How to Write Page-Turning Scenes, is the one with the non-series title.)
  • A collaborative works-in-progress shared-image collage of things like “workspace” or “favorite writing instrument”
  • A graphic SUPPORTER pip to use on the forums

So I’m going to pull the very broken and incomplete current poll, and put up a new (STILL NON-BINDING) poll to help me winnow the many good ideas down to a workable number, or a rotation between a lot of equally popular possibilities.

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Started rough, ended well.

That’s been a theme lately. I love the words I got, but just getting started getting them was an uphill run blindfolded.

Once my guys started Shooting To Thrill, and came Back in Black, though, my fingers got moving and did not stop.

And at that point, I had the story twist on me in a couple of places and connect with my own childhood and personal experience at one point (look for the mention of Achilles tendons — I sliced my right one in two when I was seven, and pulled the details of the experience into a fight scene in this novel.

But this day’s writing went dark. A murderer was exposed, and with him the details of the murders. And (very light but suggestive) details of what the killer was doing while his victims died.

I creeped myself out.

Just saying… The places were I have said the least, like the Danya and the wolves scene in Diplomacy of Wolves have been the ones where I have taken the worst beatings from readers. In every case, it’s been because I have given no details, and have left my readers to fill them in from their own imaginations.

I suspect this is going to be another of THOSE scenes.

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The Wishbone Conspiracy: Going in Guitars Blazing

Sometimes sweet acoustic won’t do the trick. Sometimes silence won’t do the trick.

And sometimes weirdly, not even Disturbed can shake the words loose.

So this morning its me and AC/DC, and Back in Black.

Sometimes you just gotta go Old School. Sometimes the words need Hell’s Bells, and Shoot to Thrill, and You Shook Me All Night Long.

And on that intro scream from Hell’s Bells, I’m going in. As you can see, no words yet. But I’m heading in to rip them out by the throat.

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Herog decided to be difficult this morning.

I had what he was going to do all nicely planned out, and then it didn’t go the way I’d planned at all.

Cady is now in a bad situation that’s about to get worse, Herog is in a dreadful situation that he might not be able to handle, the first part of the truth about the Wishbone Conspiracy has been revealed as a fraud and NOBODY wants to believe their own eyes or their own senses, and while I know things that need to happen next, I have no clue right now how they’re going to happen.

Things have the potential to get very messy and to throw some pain and heartbreak at people I like.

Tomorrow is going to be an interesting writing day. (Where the definition of “Interesting” is… Oh, crap. How do I fix the mess I made?)

Oh, yeah. And while it took me way to long to get them, I got 2054 words. And I am very happy with them — at least, if tomorrow I can figure my way out of this mess.

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I’m over on Ko-Fi now (instead of Patreon), and I’m trying to figure out what would be cool to offer my supporters.

I’m shooting for “best rewards imaginable — that I can do within the limited time I have to create them.”

So I’m asking for you to vote on what’s already come in, and SUGGEST other ideas.


[yop_poll id=1]

And the help I need is your vote on the two possibilities you like the most, PLUS additional ideas if you aren’t thrilled with anything that’s come in so far…

So if you’re a supporter (or might like to be) please make yourself heard.

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The Wishbone Conspiracy: Down to the wire on Plot One…

Today was fun. I got 2024 words, two complete scenes, and am now rolling out the end game for the part of the story that I haven’t been hiding. 

I’ve hinted a couple times at the part I have been hiding — it’s cheating if you don’t.

But by the end of this week, I should have the obvious story neatly wrapped up — and be getting into the complicated, scary, “conspiracy” part of the story at full speed, and with my usual wicked glee.

I’m so excited about Cady — and where she and her team are heading next.

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The Wishbone Conspiracy: The twist that took me by surprise

Had a hard time getting going today, but something Becky mentioned in one of our recent podcasts (with derision and loathing) turned out to be a step that helped…

Her comment? A reminder that at one time I’d written to an eternally looped version of Classical Gas played by Mason Williams. That was back in the days when I was on publisher deadlines, we were eternally broke, and I was writing ten to twelve hours at a stint.

Today I was having a hard time hitting flow, so I dug Classical Gas out of mothballs, put it back on in Infinite Loop mode…

And just like that, the words flew.

My Muse knows that Classical Gas means, “You’re going to sit here until you get the damned words—“ and it has gotten much better about getting the damned words. <insert happy grin here>

And I don’t have to do ten thousand a day, which makes the right-brain Muse much happier. So.

Got 2177, which puts me at 50,420 words total…

Which means that I only have 19,580 words left to finish the novel.

I could run longer on the book, of course. I often do.

But the story is coming together the way I want it to, it’s hitting the things I need to hit in the places where I need to hit them, and the totally unexpected twist that landed at the end of today’s words won’t add length to the story. Depth, definitely. And a bit of unexpected extra conflict.

Was a good, good writing Friday. 😀

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Today went well, and when I say that, I say it with a positively evil laugh.

The little secret I’ve hinted at in the Settled Space series emails is now open knowledge to Cady and her team. Well, the fact that Cady has a problem is now open knowledge. 

The person behind the problem remains well hidden.

So Cady and her folks are faced with the OTHER problem, the immediate one, where the guy who’s massacring tons of folks — and getting away with it — is going to keep getting away with in unless they figure out a way to stop him.

And Cady has come up with a dreadful idea that is the only idea that might work for solving the mass murderer problem. 

I’ll note, however, that it is a very, very bad idea.

So I’ve just realized it’s about time to bring Herog back into the picture.


GOOD story day. 

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And I’m back to fiction, and Wishbone… Kind of…

Got 1883 words of the 2000 I’d planned for the day. Had, however, a brutal time getting anything done at all.

Have been fasting since Sunday, (just water and coffee and a bit of salt), and today my focus was just gone. So I broke my fast with some pecans and cheese.

Tomorrow will be a better writing day.

Did love what I got on The Wishbone Conspiracy, though.

The scene is coming together beautifully, and with a hint of external, hidden evil that’s creeping into a discussion about a monster Cady and her team just shut down.

And I did get one solid idea about the main character down in my Ohio Series notebook. The Ohio Series is just a conceptual working title, by the way, and NOT what the series will come out under.

Setting up now to start on Lesson 32 of How to Write a Novel.

So outta here until tomorrow. 😀

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Why I chose Ko-Fi to replace Patreon

Today is the last day of my How to Write a Novel launch, so I’m pulling this post from an email that just went out. I apologize for duplicating, but this needs to go to all my folks, and this is….

Efficient. Today, I need that.

Quick catch-up if you missed it.

I left Patreon.

When I left, I had no plan. I only knew that I could NOT stay on Patreon.

Within minutes of that first email going out, though, folks from my email list were sending me recommendations, and I checked out every single one of them.

Thank you very, very much.

One of them fit me — what I’m doing, the way I prefer to work.

Which is as follows:

  • I pay for the service. Me. JUST me.
  • The money folks pay to support me comes to me. Just me.

Here’s why that matters: 

When the person receiving the benefits of the service is also the person paying for the service, the service provider is on the hook to be honest, ethical, and competent, or lose the customer. This is the way Ko-Fi works.  I am Ko-Fi’s customer, it is my Service Provider. The relationship is very simple.

When the person receiving the benefits of the service is the bait that draws in people who pay for the service, and all the company has to do to keep money coming in is hold on to its bait, the people lured in to help the bait are not customers. They are sheep to be sheared by the company, which keeps its bait dependent on its services (such as they are) and maintains the bait’s captive audience, misusing them in any way it chooses for as long as the bait needs the funding… until someone spots the flaw. This is Patreon’s model, and I was Patreon’s bait.

A good number of folks supporting me on Patreon were only there because I was there, and they did NOT like the fees Patreon charged them to support me. I didn’t like them either, but that was the only way I knew. Now I have something better.

If you’re here as my reader and you would like to fund me, you can do that here: https://ko-fi.com/hollylisle

So what else is good about Ko-Fi besides the fact that it will not charge the folks who support you?

  • The free account is really free. I started with the free account, but there were already folks asking for ways to create a monthly subscription. You have to have the paid account for that, so I upgraded almost immediately.

The paid account creates a direct connection between you as the creator and Ko-Fi. You pay them, and they make not a single dime off your patrons — so their board of directors, if they ever decide to have one, CANNOT look at the folks supporting your work as sheep to be fleeced (Patreon’s business model). The Gold benefits are much nicer than anything Patreon offered.

Gold allows me to offer a base support level (in my case, the suggested one-time payment of $3) but ALSO lets folks decide if they want to make that monthly, if they want to pay with a credit card instead of Paypal, and they can increase the amount to whatever they want (in multiples of your baseline cup of coffee) using the little plus and minus buttons. Every single person who comes in to fund you gets to exactly personalize their level of support. Which is just freaking awesome.You can create rewards. I’m still struggling trying to figure out what those might be. I don’t want to go with raw first draft fiction this time. So… Ideas? If you’ve got one, just reply to this email and let me know.

  • If you go Gold, you get a “magic link.” (An affiliate link, but someone over there likes the word ‘magic.’)

My Ko-Fi “Magic Link” – If you are a content creator and you “go gold” using this link, you’ll save 10% permanently. This is an AFFILIATE link, which means Ko-Fi will pay me $3 for each person who signs up using that link. I offer the link because if you decide Ko-Fi is a good fit for you as a creator, the 10% discount will help you, and the three bucks will help me.

But I know there are folks opposed to affiliate links, so if you want to sign up without using the link above, just go to my plain link: https://ko-fi.com/hollylisle

You can create a free account from there, and see what I’ve done with my page so far.  I’m still figuring out my rewards — there aren’t any yet, but there will be.

This is not a condemnation of any of the services recommended to me that I did not choose. This is only me letting you know the direction I did choose, and why Ko-Fi stood out as something that fits my needs and my preferences.

To all of the folks who leapt in with “take a look at this,” THANK YOU. You are amazing, and wonderful, and I’m deeply grateful.


P.S. I’m hoping someone will have a great idea for a simple, inexpensive, not-massively-time-consuming idea I could offer as a reward for folks funding me.  If you have such an idea, please reply below.

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