My youngest had his 10th birthday this week, and I’ve been putting together a course on beating writer’s block, and worrying about the AFK. Sorry to be so scarce.

Realizing that my youngest child was a newborn about fifteen minutes ago, and is now almost as tall as I am with a wickedly sharp sense of humor and an engineering mind has thrown me for a bit of a loop. I turned 47 last month, and that was no big deal, but he turned ten, and my world got a little wobbly at the base.

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4 responses to “Birthdays”

  1. BJSteeves Avatar

    Do what I do….Celebrate them, but don’t count them.

    Watching the kids grow up can sure open your eyes.

  2. Nicole Avatar

    A very happy birthday to your son!

    I know how you feel about which birthdays are a big deal. My 21st was fine, but when my “baby sister” hit 21 I felt strange. My recent 30th wasn’t bad either; I suspect I’ll feel old when she hits 30, though.

  3. TinaK Avatar

    It’s amazing to me that we can take the passing of our own years in stride but when we see the years pass in our offspring it’s just as you said – the world gets a little wobbly. My baby is 12, will be 13 this year. My just past 35th birthday was nothing but thinking of my baby hitting her teens. Man. Life altering.

    Happy Birthday to your baby Holly.

  4. Kaelem Avatar

    Happy Birthday to the 10 year old!

    I might not be 47 myself, but I can relate in a fashion. My niece is two and a half years old, and she never ceases to surprise me. The other day, she sang me a song over the phone (they live a couple states away), and I applauded and cheered for her… She said, “It WAS lovely, wasn’t it?”

    Sheesh. Next thing I know, she’ll be doing my taxes.


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