Bikers, Tats, and Things That Go Up In Flames

So both my older son and my daughter are in college right now. Wanted to share the video that my daughter made for one of her courses. I loved this.



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7 responses to “Bikers, Tats, and Things That Go Up In Flames”

  1. Globi Avatar

    So which biker is your daughter? LOL, only joking.

  2. Angela Chen Shui Avatar
    Angela Chen Shui

    Great editing for pacing/action to match music. And kewl ‘twist’ at end. 😉

  3. Claudette Avatar


    Hope you don’t mind. I shared this with my sister, who’s retired EMT. She’ll enjoy it immensely. Many of her fellow emerg. friends are bikers, too.

    Had a blast watching your daughter’s video. (y) to her for her hard work.

    1. Holly Avatar

      It’s the adrenaline junkie thing.

      😀 I’m familiar with both the folks and the mindset: I was an ER RN for years, got my ACLS cert, and used to volunteer to ride in the back of the ambulance when my hospitals were transporting unstable patients from our hospitals to big medical centers. (And this was AFTER working 12-hour shifts.)

  4. Vera Lamb Avatar

    Could not get the video. Was told that file does not exist.

    1. Holly Avatar

      Best guess here is to try a different browser. I can’t get it to not work to duplicate the problem… :/

    2. Holly Avatar

      Yeah, and as soon as I said that, I figured it out. Apparently now you have to be logged into your google account to see it. Special, huh?

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