Beta day

By Holly Lisle

I spent three hours this morning putting together my beta reader copies and getting them out the door. I got to switch over the work in progress listed in my community signature from Gods Old and Dark to Midnight Rain — I finally get to get back to it and do that last few thousand words, and then jump into the revision. I’m so excited about that that I almost can’t type.

And I’m doing career assessment this week. Big stuff, and not a lot of fun — trying to figure out where I am and where I want to be and how the hell to get there. I’ve now finished off the last of my contracted books, and it’s time to see where I stand, with twenty-five books written and twenty-three sold. If I’d had this same career twenty years ago, I think I’d be farther along. But much as it’s pleasant to think about that, it’s pretty pointless — I have my career now, and the issues writers face now are the ones that I have to deal with.

On the 25th, I’ll get my quick-turnaround beta comments back, and on the 26th I’ll collate them and get to work fixing the manuscript so that I can have it out the door by the 30th.

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