Best motivational video I’ve seen in a while

The sound is not great…but the truth in this is. This is how I made it. This is how I STILL make it, every single day.

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6 responses to “Best motivational video I’ve seen in a while”

  1. Giana Avatar

    I gotta admit I teared up watching this. Motivational things always get me.

    It’s been a rough year and I was in need of something like this. Thank you for sharing Holly :}

  2. Dee Avatar

    I need this running in the background all day. It’s a great reminder that it’s not sheer dumb luck that gets you to success, but a little luck and a whole lot of sweat. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Mic4writer Avatar

    This is a wonderful motivation.
    I want to share my motivation.
    I was ill in 2010. It was the worst winter we had experienced. The doctors kept sending me home, but I was terribly ill. Then they discovered my bug sand gave me the right bug.
    during my stay, I read a book by Cesar Millan. He trains dogs. I found that what he did with dogs , I could do too.
    He said, he took dogs on a daily workout, on a long walk of at least two hours. he gave them food and not too much emotion, because dogs don’t understand human emotions.
    His pattern to train dogs was: show that you are the leader of the pack, Exercise a lot. Give food and not too much emotion.
    This is what I applied to myself. I became the leader of my pack (my body, my muscles, my brain, my thoughts)
    I disciplined myself by enrolling at the gym 3 times a week with my oxygen bottle!
    I gave myself good food and I slept well.
    Within 2 months, I got rid of my oxygen bottles. Up to now, I still go to the gym.
    The consultant who first rolled his eyes what I said I would go to the gym was extremely pleased. he compared my X-Ray of my lungs now from when I was ill. the lungs are clear!
    This works. if you want to put this pattern of doing, you are on to success!

  4. Dena Lynn Brehm Avatar

    Holly … I was turned on to you by a dear friend, Nicole Freed. I so very needed to watch/hear this video.

    I know I have talents & gifts … but I definitely am in need of building my skills.

    I’m here, now, for a reason … and I do NOT want to regret leaving this planet, with my song unsung.

    I’m glad I found you … time to unleash my writing gift … time to build the skills to do so.

  5. Claudette Avatar

    After dealing with extreme burnout for the past 8 weeks, this was good to see and hear. Thanks, Holly. I needed the patience talk while I heal from the workout sessions I’ve done too arduously for so long.

    Happy writing, my friend.

  6. Lee Lowery Avatar

    Love this! Thanks for sharing it.

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