Best Bug Contender: Midnight Rain Bug-Hunt

There’s no actual prize for finding the “best bug” because a “best bug” in a manuscript is purely subjective. There would be no just, objective way to award a prize.

But this is my favorite bug found so far, located by Midnight Rain Bug-Hunter Charlotte Lenox…


Fart Lauderdale. The automated book scanning process did some really interesting creative editing with this. 😀

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11 responses to “Best Bug Contender: Midnight Rain Bug-Hunt”

  1. dragon Avatar

    *laughter* good one. LOL

  2. Mike C Baker Avatar
    Mike C Baker

    Makes me wonder, at least a tiny touch, what *interesting* words might reside in my own personalized spell-check dictionaries (among other ponderous ponderables…)

  3. Judy French Avatar
    Judy French

    Too funny!

  4. Deborah K Gallardo Avatar

    You’d think that, by now, the technology for scanner clarity and therefore better OCR recognition would be further along, wouldn’t you? Or have they progressed, but we’ve got to use $1,000 scanners and $500 OCR software? No way, Jose’! That’s why we have eyes and learn how to read.

    1. Holly Avatar

      The thing no one warns you about is this: Books get old, paperbacks especially, and the paper on which they’re printed gets brown. I had these professionally scanned by a reputable scanning company using good equipment — but the quality of the paper on which they’d been printed turned 15 years into a major obstacle.

      1. Deborah K Gallardo Avatar

        My commiserations, Holly. Makes digital look kind of good, from that standpoint. Paperback sales are on the rise. So, how many more books have to be scanned? Any idea?

        1. Holly Avatar

          Sadly, none. I have a long wait before I can reclaim The Secret Texts series or the World Gates Series, and my other stuff was collaborative. Thus, dead.

          Which makes indie more and more appealing every single day.

          And statistics that are showing that paperbacks are on the rise for commercial publishers are only because they’re manipulating prices, and charging more for ebooks than for print books.

          “Lies, damned lies, and statistics.” Twain

  5. Charlotte Avatar

    I couldn’t help but giggle when I saw that, despite the seriousness of the scene.

  6. Vera Lamb Avatar
    Vera Lamb

    May I point out that the pronoun ‘her’ at the end of the sentence is used incorrectly. It should read’she’.

    1. Holly Avatar

      You’re invited to bug hunt for me on upcoming books.

  7. Reziac Avatar

    *snork* Can’t believe I missed that one… but I’m glad I did! 😀

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