Being Thankful

Finished the first proposal for Claire (in first-draft form) and am now starting in on the second one.

Ringing phones have been fifty-fifty for me today — Claire wants to make LAST GIRL DANCING a Guaranteed Good Read, which is, I think, a special promotional program within the company. I okayed that, and think it will be a good thing. But with the second call, I found out that money I’d been counting on won’t be coming, and I have now hit the point where I am weary beyond words of the uncertainty of being a midlist writer. Things are dicey. I have a good agent, I’m working steadily, but missing my deadlines last year hurt me a lot. I’m not sure how long it’s going to take me to get un-hurt.

I’ll get there. I have faith. I am thankful for the things that are going right — editors who believe in me, an agent who believes in me, family who believe in me, and living someplace relatively inexpensive.

As for the rest … well, faith guarantees you always have at least one plank to hang onto in the middle of the ocean.

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