Before the Battle, I Forget #wabwm

By Holly Lisle

I forget I can’t do everything.

I forget I can’t work sixteen hours straight every day with no days off for two weeks without paying a price.

I forget that when I am doing a massive website overhaul, with software testing, course setup, and course formatting and production going on simultaneously, I lose my creative side.

I forget, and plan to write, too.

And then I’m in the thick of it, and I remember.

I spent the last two weeks nonstop, working with Margaret every day to get 7-Day Crash-Revision Workshop finished and set up, and last Tuesday, I remembered all the things I’d previously forgotten.

Last week, excluding Monday, I got 36 words. And I got them all on Saturday.

My objective for today? Find my way back into the point where I left off on Create A World Clinic, and get 1000 words or so this morning.

P.S. Massive thanks to Margaret, who was building the last bits of the software I was testing as I was getting everything else ready, and then when I took it live, and then AS PEOPLE WERE BUYING THE COURSE, to make sure everyone got their course in a timely fashion.

Last week’s course was the test to make sure I had a new home for HTTS, HTRYN, and HTWAS. Now we know that I do.

And take a nap today. I’m STILL fried.

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