Before the Battle, I Forget #wabwm

I forget I can’t do everything.

I forget I can’t work sixteen hours straight every day with no days off for two weeks without paying a price.

I forget that when I am doing a massive website overhaul, with software testing, course setup, and course formatting and production going on simultaneously, I lose my creative side.

I forget, and plan to write, too.

And then I’m in the thick of it, and I remember.

I spent the last two weeks nonstop, working with Margaret every day to get 7-Day Crash-Revision Workshop finished and set up, and last Tuesday, I remembered all the things I’d previously forgotten.

Last week, excluding Monday, I got 36 words. And I got them all on Saturday.

My objective for today? Find my way back into the point where I left off on Create A World Clinic, and get 1000 words or so this morning.

P.S. Massive thanks to Margaret, who was building the last bits of the software I was testing as I was getting everything else ready, and then when I took it live, and then AS PEOPLE WERE BUYING THE COURSE, to make sure everyone got their course in a timely fashion.

Last week’s course was the test to make sure I had a new home for HTTS, HTRYN, and HTWAS. Now we know that I do.

And take a nap today. I’m STILL fried.

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By Holly

Novelist, writing teacher, on a mission to reprint my out-of-print books and indie-publish my new ones.

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Tamoso Deep
Tamoso Deep
10 years ago

Losing the things you love- the sounds, the musics, the syllables and the sentences is often poetic enough to make our life beautiful. ‘Cause they are the things that you want to keep in the nest of your heart always, as they are the essence of your life and your existence. When you will not be here, those may still carry the signs of you, those may still keep telling the air: Holly was here, she was! When you lose them, a bit of that dream, a drop of that dew – is gone. And that feels like the beautiful meaninglessness and sacrifice of your being. It is poetic Holly! Oh, it is!

10 years ago

That’s a lot. Hang in there.

I got almost 1000 words two nights ago when one of my characters woke me up at 3 am to start chattering at me. I think I will do something with those notes today, so the will see that I am paying attention.

Earlier that day I was pondering/worrying about not writing enoiugh, my schedule getting messed up, evil day job getting the best of me, increasing headaches ….grrrr

So, Marcello woke me up chatting away. maybe that was my answer, just get to it, let “them” do the talking.

Jen of Hens
Jen of Hens
10 years ago

Holly – kudos on all the hard work. The end result sounds fantastic!

Still keeping the faith here with 1000-2000 words a day.

Like Barbara, I have vision problems, so I appreciated your response to her. I have yet to try an e-reader mostly because I fear it will create the same problem as bumping up the text size on a computer – the need for extra scrolling – which for those of us with polyopia is maddening. Usually I just print your stuff out.

Barbara Hernandez
Barbara Hernandez
10 years ago


I would like to buy your writing course in paperback. I have a vision problem and writing courses on the computer are too hard to follow. I thought that since you are selling on amazon creatspace would be a logical place to look but I don’t see any paperbacks of writing courses there. can you give me a clue. Thanks Barbara

Tim King
10 years ago

It’s so comforting, Holly, to know that I’m not the only one who often forgets those things.

Keep writing!

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