Before dawn

I love this time of the morning. I’m sitting here, already having knocked out a few words. The house is quiet except for the whirr of the little fan at my feet and the purr of the cat sitting on my shoulder. Two little stained-glass lamps cast enough light on my desk to make it not quite dark in here — the monitor does that, too, but light from a monitor is never quite as … friendly.

At this time of the day the house is still cool. It is quiet. And it is mine.

This is a hopeful time — nothing yet has happened to put an edge on anything. No bad news, no unhappiness, no failure; at this hour of the day, the world and everything in it is a fresh slate, and I can face my words and my work, serene and unscathed.

It helps. It’s been a few years now since I routinely rolled out of bed before the sun. I think it’s telling that it only took me three days to adapt — that today I was awake before the alarm went off, even though I hadn’t yet rolled over and checked the time. This really is my time … and I’ve missed it. And so has my writing.

It’s good to be back.

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2 responses to “Before dawn”

  1. Robert A. Sloan Avatar

    That makes so much sense. Early birds and night owls have one thing in common – a time of peace and solitude to get some writing done in, when daily life demands haven’t begun to intrude.

    Nightowl that I am, it’s less harrowing if I do get stuck on a day schedule by accident or appointments when I can get up before dawn as you just did. I did that this morning and got in my warmup already. It’s set the tone of the day – and if I get up right splat into the middle of demands and outside world stuff, that sets it in the other direction.

    Glad you’ve found your time! Very glad because I’ll get to read the good stuff!

    Robert and Ari >^..^<

  2. Nonny Avatar

    Heh, sure sounds like you’re definitely a morning person! I’ve tried forcing myself up at that time of morning, and it never works. I always want to throw the alarm clock into the wall … =9 And when I get into the pattern and it gets just soooooo easy to stay up till 4 AM and not be tired … yeah, I think I’m a confirmed night owl.

    To snitch Robert’s line … "Onward!" 😀

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