Beefcake and the Queen of England

Last night I dreamed I had an audience with the Queen of England, and out of gratitude, she gave me a gift — an adjustable paper ring, white, stamped with red ink that said “Compliments of the Queen of England.” She then sat in a throne above a long line of cars and threw similar white paper rings into the back of each as the car drove by her throne. Royalty on the drive-thru plan.

Further, I dreamed that Matt and a score of calendar hunks, dressed in red bikini briefs, were doing a beefcake dance down a giant spiral staircase. Stranger yet, the beefcake and the Queen of England were connected in a way that was incredibly logical and sensible in the dream, but that I can’t get my mind around now. (Unless I was responsible for bringing the all-male cabaret to the Queen of England, for which she was grateful … but I know that wasn’t it.) I’m left this morning with a weird sense of “What the hell?”

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5 responses to “Beefcake and the Queen of England”

  1. marquito Avatar

    Don’t you just love dreams that make no sense but were amazing to have?

    Sweet dreams and may you find inspiration in them.

  2. Joel Avatar


    Tell Matt about your dream. He should be able to find the briefs just in time for Xmas for you 😀

  3. Jim W. Avatar
    Jim W.

    Well, let’s see….

    Last night I dreamed I was at a con in Tulsa and driving back I encountered a hill more at home in the Appalacians with the thought, "this must be steeper than the supposed steepest hill in the US in Charlotte," or something like that.

    Neither you nor Misty were in the dream, either, and the two of you are the only common thread between Charlotte and Tulsa….

    At least it wasn’t an alien invasion or a tornado.

    Hope all’s well with the family.

  4. Sheila Avatar

    Having a queen in your dream is supposed to foretell success, according to one online site. Another says the queen is a symbol for your mother. Go figure. 🙂

  5. David Stone Avatar
    David Stone

    Hmm. That sounds…um…
    Maybe you should send her a copy of your latest book. Getting her on your fan list would certainly help your ratings!

    I’ve heard that having tea with the Queen is one of the most common ‘fantasy’ dreams of English people. Can’t say I’ve ever had that one myself, my fantasy dreams tend to run along…different lines.

    The closest I got was a dream years ago where I told Prince Charles that for all his wealth and privileges I was happier than he would ever be – and then I ran for my life.

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