Because life was just not fun enough

By Holly Lisle

Reformatted the hard drive, reinstalled the hardware, drivers, DSL modem, much of the software. Yuck! This is the sort of work I hate to do, and though we now have a nice, clean, virus-free system and everything works and all the safeguards are up and running to prevent a viral relapse, it’s still tedious, mindless, seriously un-fun work.

So while I was transferring seven million files from the backup, I did a check on my two new releases at Memory of Fire is the same, selling a bit above my average, but nothing to blow the socks off of anyone, and one review. I was, however, really excited to see several new reviews for Vincalis … until I read them. I can’t even say the people who read them were illiterate morons, much as that would make me feel better. They were perfectly literate and quite cogent in their dislike.

I should have just stuck to the hard drive crap. I would have been happier.

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