Beating Head on Wall … Hard Head; Hard Wall

I don’t know which one is going to cave first. But I can figure out what went wrong with the book. I can figure out exactly where it went wrong. I even know what the book needs to start working again. But I can’t figure out how to fix it. I am still languishing in the 500-800 words-per-day range, which long-term is going to eat me if I don’t kick this.

I need to get the two heroes together. I need to get the villain into his role of villainy. I think I’m languishing in too much step-by-step-by-step, and I’m not having any fun. This is the death knell of any draft. If the writer isn’t having fun, the reader won’t have fun. If the writer is bored silly, the reader will be, too.

Help, me, Obi-wan Kenobi. I am in dire need of a light saber to cut through the crap. And maybe Han Solo to brighten up the scenery.

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3 responses to “Beating Head on Wall … Hard Head; Hard Wall”

  1. Gary Avatar

    Skip the dull part for now and pick up the story where it’s interesting. Later, you can write the beginning to fit.

  2. Jean Avatar

    (Rummages through boxes) I know it’s here somewhere…there! A factory reconditioned, OEM parts, genuine light saber! I knew I’d need it someday, and today is the day!

    Now, let’s see. Han Solo. Han Solo. What can I do there….I can send you a Sean Connery look-alike, but that’s what works for me…nope, you’re on your own for Han, but the light saber is all yours. May it bring you speedy words and fascinating stories.

  3. Katherine Avatar

    When in doubt, kill something?

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