Bashtyk Nokyd—Possible Cover Art. Your input?

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I like this cover better than either of the previous ones I’ve done for the Longview series, and am considering doing the other two over again to match this style and formatting. What do you think?

Previous two covers are below for comparison.

Death Circus Cover-ebook-FLAT-200x300

The Selling of Suzee Delight: Tales from the Longview Episode 2
The Selling of Suzee Delight: Tales from the Longview Episode 2
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19 responses to “Bashtyk Nokyd—Possible Cover Art. Your input?”

  1. Amy Keeley Avatar

    I realize I’m coming in late to the discussion, but if you’re still looking for comments…

    Cover #1: The background is gorgeous! Very pretty. I feel like I’m going to strange, new worlds when I look at it. However, the type is waaaay too large and the distortion, although it gives a sense of strangeness, doesn’t really give me a sense of something ominous or deadly. Plus, it gets in the way of the pretty image.

    Cover #2: Both the cover and the title make me think this is erotica. Again, the type is too large. This time it’s clearly taking away focus from the image. The two are in direct competition instead of working together. Nice, clear tones on the image, though. I would have used different filters, but then, I don’t know the content of the story.

    Cover #3: I agree with those who said the type worked better on this one than the others. It gives the image more room to breathe. I also agree with the floating head comments.

    Looking forward to seeing the direction you go as a result of what you’ve learned.

    I like your Minecraft ship btw. Have you ever played with Blender? Steep learning curve, but I’ve seen some amazing creations on the web from those who used it. Plus, it’s free.

  2. Mel Corbett Avatar

    I agree with the Kenny Rogers & floating head comments. I find this cover kind of creepy, which I don’t think is what you’re going for. Personally, the first cover is my favorite, but maybe the typography on the third is better.

  3. Holly Avatar

    I’ve acquired some new cover art that I’ll be able to use for all six episodes.

    Doing some major reworking on EVERYTHING.

    Thank you for the comments, suggestions, and notes.

  4. Therese Avatar

    I agree with just about everyone else about the floating head. His body needs to be more defined. But I love the background and I think the lettering looks better on this cover than in the previous ones.

  5. Jean Avatar

    Not really getting Kenny Rogers, but he does look familiar. There’s a body there? Completely missed that. Concur with using the fonts to tie the series together and with ensuring the cover screams sci-fi no matter what is on it.

  6. Margaret Avatar

    I like the lettering the best of the three. Agree with everyone on the floating head, but my issue is actually the reverse. I don’t think he should blend with the background better. I think his neck and body need to stand out more. By having dark elements in the background and him wearing a black shirt, his body disappears except for a tiny bit of neck.

    Have to laugh on the colors, BTW. I’m a spring/summer hybrid and prefer the warm colors.

    I would say you have to choose one thing that stays the same across all. Since the images are so different, the font styles are probably the best element. Besides, you can make the colors work for you by doing the same font but in different mood shades if you want.

    I would suggest you put the covers up and squint at them. Is your first impression an SF story? That’s what the cover needs to do no matter how beautiful the art. Your name is a big seller, so you don’t have to be as careful about that, but you write across so many genres that if you have a reader of only one, you want the cover to scream “this is for you!” so they don’t assume its one of the genres they don’t read.

  7. Denise Avatar

    Of the three covers I prefer the background and lettering of the most recent one but overall none of the covers would entice me to buy them or pique my interest even though I have enjoyed your work in the past. In addition is the title of the third book a working title or the final title? On the surface it looks unpronounceable doesnt inspire confidence in the contents.

  8. Maige Avatar

    I agree with the “floating head” comments – it would work better if the shoulders were more defined and didn’t blend in with the background so much – maybe make them more brown than black or change the gradation of the background so that it fades to brown rather than black. Also, having fuller shoulders would make Bashtyk look more menacing/powerful. (Btw, I don’t see Kenny Rogers. ๐Ÿ™‚ )

    If I were looking at these three books lying on a table, I wouldn’t know that they were a set. They look like stand-alones to me. So, changing them to conform would be a good idea. I like all three covers, but matching the font/format would make them more cohesive.

    Loving the story so far, I hope my suggestions help a little. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. gabby Avatar

    I like the episode 1 cover and I am not fond of the people’s faces on the covers. (I also see Kenny Rogers in the new one)

    My preference would be more of a planet/spaceship/space/future theme rather than person.

  10. Amy Avatar

    I don’t know that this is a useful comment, but he reminds me of Kenny Rogers. I love the background. I like either style of lettering, so whether you match your first two stories, or update them to match this one doesn’t matter a bit to me. But I’m not sure it’s a good thing to suddenly have The Gambler playing in my head when I look at Bashtyk Nokyd.

  11. Jean Avatar

    I love the new lettering on #3. I agree the head is floating and needs to be better blended in with the background.

    The winter/autumn commentary is interesting and worth taking into account as a means to keep the series bound for color recognition. (More critical for a printed versions but also helpful for keeping on an electronic bookshelf or finding in a sea of other books on an unorganized ebook shelf, which, sadly, most of mine seem to be.

  12. David Ivory Avatar
    David Ivory

    I don’t like any of the covers either. The only thing going for this one is that at least the text has not been stretched out of proportion like the others.

    But the disembodied head, and poor blending, really don’t do you any favours. What is the message or story that the cover is trying to convey? It might be a bad memoire rather than an SF story.

    I suggest getting a professional cover designer to work on your covers to really make them sing.

    See how your covers stack up against these ones on this indie book publishing must-read site…

    If this is a series then you could just design one cover and have some subtle changes like colour and the title change each time. In this way an investment once in a good cover will keep paying dividends. Tell the cover designer to design for such a use and they will come through for you.

    Good luck… looking forward to reading it.

  13. Katharina Gerlach Avatar

    It’s not bad, but the blending of the man’s head into the background should be improved.

  14. Shawna Avatar

    In all honestly, I hate all three of the covers. So it’s a good thing I don’t need the covers to entice me to read your books. ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Rebecca Avatar

    Yeah, I was going to say I really don’t like something about it, but I’m glad you’re not fond of it now. The floaty head bothers me. I love the colors. But I really love the first cover too, so I’d hate to see that change.

  16. K. Hutton Avatar
    K. Hutton

    ๐Ÿ™‚ Funny how it happens, right?
    Don’t worry, you’re just giving yourself room for something better.

  17. Holly Avatar

    Looking at it a few hours later, I actually pretty much hate the first try on the Bashtyk Nokyd cover.

  18. K. Hutton Avatar
    K. Hutton

    Unfortunately, his head looks like it’s floating mid-air since his neck blends in really closely with the colour of the background–I’d be careful with that.

  19. Jeanne Foguth Avatar

    If this was a stand-alone book, I would love the cover. Since it is #3, I would alter the colors and font to coordinate with #1 & #2. (I am a ‘winter’ and prefer blacks and ‘jewel tones’, so the first two are colors I naturally seem to prefer.)
    However, if you have a strong preference to #3’s earth-tones, and don’t mind redoing #1 and #2, it might be good to change them. Perhaps do a boxed set?
    Whatever you choose, I would coordinate the color scheme and font.

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