Bashtyk Nokyd doubts the “truth”: And words—now have 17,669

Almost... Almost... Dammit...ALMOST...

Hit 17,669 words today. Since I’m pushing for 20,000 to 22,000 words, that’s pretty good. (I may run long, but it isn’t going to be Suzee Delight long.

Melie has proven the value of her skills again,

Shay has convincingly demonstrated that she has the worst boss in Settled Space,

Bashtyk Nokyd is planning the overthrow of the Pact Worlds—or at least the freeing of their slaves—with my heroic pirate of a lawyer to help him…

Tikka has discovered something deeply disturbing in her new job as a GenDaring employee in the City of Furies branch…



I have my new villain—who is an old villain returned. It took me the full weekend to think through the relationships, the issues, and connections to other parts of the story, and the WHY of this (because if you don’t know why, faggeddaboudit).


The really big thing is still coming, and it ties this all in with Cadence Drake and The Wishbone Conspiracy.

There hits a point in every story where my stomach turns wacky on me: where I have butterflies and jitters and a faint, persistent queasiness that comes from knowing what this CAN be if I can pull it off—and having to finish the thing to see if I CAN pull it off.

And I’m there.

Because of deadlines, though, this should be about the shortest case of butterflies and quease I’ve had in a while. 😀

Onward.  Hope to have this finished in first draft by the end of the week, to my editor over the weekend, and to my copyeditor next week.

Once it’s live, HTWAS officially goes into Module Three (price bump) and I get back to doing Ugly Workshop stuff, Ugly Baby Stuff, and ReadersMeetWriters stuff.

But for now, it’s just me and the words. And I love this!




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  1. Claudette Avatar

    So happy it’s going so well, Holly. Yay, you!

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