Barbecuing Grandpa, a trip to ancient Scotland… and 2022 words

It starts here. First thing this morning, I deleted 3267 words.

I said ouch.

Because the screenshot of what I was left with looks like this, with those 63 words I decided to save yesterday out of sight at the bottom of the chapter.

Barbecuing Grandpa Ohio 2 2021 02 12 at 8 56 21 AM

Those words were twice as many as I thought I could save — so I’m not complaining.

That ain’t a lot, but I knew coming in to work this morning what today was going to look like. 

However, from the moment my MC stepped through what I’m enigmatically going to call ‘the second mystery door’, everything clicked.

And my progress today was 2022 words. The negative number on the screenshot is because I’m still pretty deep in the hole (compared to the original length of the chapter), and Scrivener keeps track of the size of the hole (at least if you tell it to).

But I left myself at a wonderful spot, and I know exactly where I’m starting when I come back on Monday. 

I had a happy writing day and a lot of fun meeting a new character in an old, old place… and what my MC is learning about her past has been a joy to write — as has been writing the terrible things I’m putting her through while she learns it.

I’m so glad I decided to face the beast yesterday, kill it, and come in to challenge the blank page this morning. Because now I have the first half of the RIGHT chapter… and I’m already looking forward to Monday.



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