BAM! Rough start goes to “I love this I love this” and surprising myself!

First, a bit of grousing about numbers accounting on the damn scene.

Two days in a row, now, I have accidentally with one keyboard command deleted a big section of not just my words for the day, but the rest of the words in the chapter. 

It’s an easy fix. You just paste it back.

Unfortunately, when you paste it back, Scrivener loses your count for the day by subtracting the words you cut… and then adding everything you pasted back in as new words.

So, having in fact written exactly 45 words so far this morning, my word counter now shows that I’ve written 1308 — the number now in the chapter.UntitledImage

But there’s no way that I can find to reset the wordcount for the day to zero, and I’m not in the mood to dig through the internet or the somewhat squiffy software documentation to see if there’s a way to do this.

So to hit my REAL goal for the day, I’m going to have to hit 2445 words.

And I’m writing the number here so that I don’t lose track of my actual objective.

And so that when that shows up in the blog, you will not be unduly impressed. 

Okay. Back to the actual words.

And now it’s 9:26-ish AM, and I hauled ass and got them. The big 2,484 words is actually just a smidge over my 1250 objective for the day.

But the words… oh, BOY, the words.

I had absolutely no clue what was going to happen when my MC talked to my visitor.

And what happened was that my small town, through the visitor, is about to get global reach and power in a really terrible way.

From the characters’ perspective, this is horrible beyond belief.

From my perspective as writer… it was just AWESOME. I love the way this think keeps surprising me, and love the way it’s flying along, twisting every time I think I know what’s going to happen next…


And I just wrote down the new Scene Sentence for tomorrow in the manuscript so that I won’t forget it.

Because… DAMN. I can’t wait to get back to work tomorrow.


Now, however, I have to go work on the complete site rebuild and classroom overhaul of for the rest of the day.

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