BAD News…Newsletter, Plotting Course, & Upgrades

the people who need to see the message the MOST are the ones who have stopped receiving their emails.



I’ve discovered that over the past few weeks, fewer and fewer of the e-mails you’ve requested haven’t been delivered. I started getting e-mails from people who were only getting some of their Plot Mini-Course lessons. I checked my constantly dropping mailout stats. People are signing up every day, and only a few people had unsubscribed, but hundreds of people who requested either Holly Lisle’s Writing Updates or the Plotting Mini-Course are no longer receiving them.

If you’re reading this, you’re one of an increasingly shrinking group of readers who are actually still getting the newsletter or the plot course you asked for.

So, (and yes, I’m tearing my hair out over this) I’m moving my lists from my own server to Aweber, a service which does nothing but deliver e-mail, and which therefore can afford the time to track down all the reasons why e-mails aren’t getting through.

Pity the folks who AREN’T getting this notice, and who are going to receive a message from me out of the blue, from a new e-mail address, asking them to confirm their subscription—when they know they’re already subscribed, and they didn’t sign up for anything else.

I’m going to lose hundreds of my folks. I’m pretty unhappy. And I know you’re not thrilled knowing that you’re going to have to confirm your subscription yet again in order to get the Writing Updates.

If you’re getting getting the Plot Mini-Course and all the lessons are still making it through to you, you don’t have to confirm the new course. You might want to, simply because I’ve redone all the lessons in PDF format, which will make them very nice to save and refer back to.

But so long as they’re still showing up in your mailbox, you can hang in and hope for the best. You should get a total of nine lessons, one Rate This Course survey request, and a couple of other things. If you don’t, figure your server has blocked mail from my site.

If you’re getting this from your subscription to the Writing Updates, however, THIS WILL BE THE LAST E-MAIL I send from my own site.

Pass the word if you can. I’m posting this on my weblog, too, in the hopes that some of the folks who have stopped getting their e-mails will go ahead and confirm when the Aweber message arrives.

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7 responses to “BAD News…Newsletter, Plotting Course, & Upgrades”

  1. Holly Avatar

    What probably happened is that I sent you an e-mail for the new system that you didn’t confirm. So your e-mail shows up in AWeber, but you aren’t getting any mail.

    If you can find that e-mail, click the link to confirm your sub. If you can’t, I’ll have to go in and find your address and delete it, and you can then resubscribe.

    I’m sorry this is such a pain in the butt.

  2. Sue L Avatar

    Holly, I guess I’ve been dropped. I’m getting some stuff, the plotting course, but not the newsletter? I’m trying to re-sign up, but it says I’m already a member.

  3. Holly Avatar

    Hey, Tim—
    So far, I love it because it doesn’t leave funny line breaks in my emails. How’s that for thinking small?

    But, yes, it’s a good system. I’m impressed.

  4. TimK Avatar

    Holly, I use AWeber for all my lists, and they do get the mail through. (That’s what I pay them for.) And almost no work to maintain, because they maintain the system for you. Other useful features, too, that you’ll probably discover. Well worth the money.


  5. Holly Avatar

    By now, everyone should have received their invitations to both the plotting course AND the newsletter.

    If you haven’t, the boxes are in place to sign up for the courses again.

    Newsletter:, or in the top left corner of the writing diary.

    Plot Outline Mini-Course:

    And again, I am SO sorry about the inconvenience. And I really appreciate everyone who has gone ahead and joined up at the new subs. I’m glad you’ve rejoined me.

  6. Zoe Avatar

    I got a new confirmation email for the newsletter, but not for the plotting course. Should I sign up again to get the PDF versions – and does that mean they’re going to start over again from lesson 1? (I was up to lesson 6.)

  7. TJ Avatar

    That just sucks all around, Holly. Hopefully this time will be better.

    Best of luck!

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