Bad Moon Rising

By Holly Lisle

Bad Moon Rising is the working title of the book that came out of the Onyx Proposal. It is just a working title, with almost zero chance of being the title the book will have when it reaches publication.

But I have to call it something, and I’m really, really tired of the words “Onyx proposal.” So. I want to start fresh with a new topic for this book. This will be the first post linked to the Bad Moon Rising topic, and the last linked to Onyx Proposal, so that weblog completists can follow the book trail back to this one’s conception.

Currently, the release date for BMR is July, 2006, as the Onyx lead title for that month. Whether it remains that depends on a number of factors; the one I can control is meeting my deadline. I’ve proposed the end of January as my first-draft turn-in date. I’ll have to hear back from Claire on whether or not that will be acceptable.

Beyond that, when I have the final title for this book, I’ll switch the topic name over. Meanwhile, I’m gearing up to start on a new adventure. I’ll record the footsteps here.

You’ll note over in the “Finished This Year” column to the right that the Onyx Proposal has taken its place, with a 150,000 word count. That’s my low-ball estimate of the number of words I’ve written to turn the initial “no” back in October into “yes.” Know how I say persistence is the most essential virtue for survivng as a writer? That little image is Example A in my proof of the validity of that assertion. The finished novel, of which not one word has yet been written, will wrap at 100,000 words. Total word count for the project, then, will be at minimum 250,000 words.

If you want to do this for a living, grit your teeth and hang in. If you haven’t broken in, odds are you simply haven’t been told “no” often enough yet.

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