Back to work today: Clearing the decks

By Holly Lisle


Today I made my two Lists of Three: the three projects in fiction and the three projects in nonfiction I will complete before starting anything else.

I also deleted 6883 people from my Holly’s Writing Tips mailing list. I got the other mailing lists cleaned up last year, but my Writing Tips list was my very first list, and I had folks on there from all the way back in 2008. There were names on there I knew from back when I started doing my writing courses.

But I let everyone on that list know that I needed to just talk to the people who wanted to hear from me. Those who opened the email I sent got the option to let me know they wanted to stay, or could click the link to leave immediately. Most of the folks who opened stayed. A few left.

But the folks who hadn’t read anything from me in more than three months, including the notice that I was removing inactive accounts, are now gone. I had to remove them a hundred at a time, and this took a while. And it an emotional process.

But it’s done now, and I know the folks who have stayed are the ones who still want to hear from me. I’m planning some cool things this year, so that’s good.

So what’s on my two Lists of Three?

The Nonfiction List of Three

This first list is all getting all of my existing classes into shape and available. Before I can add new things, writers need to have access to all the existing stuff.

      Completely overhaul How to Write A Series with the help of current class owners, and put that back on sale.


      Reopen How To Think Sideways: Career Survival School for Writers


      Rebuild the Mugging the Muse / Professional Plot Outline / Writer Crash Tests part of the site and make those classes available again.


The Fiction List of Three

This is about both publishing the fiction that’s sitting on my hard drive and writing the book a lot of folks have been waiting a really long time for.

      Publish Episode Three of Tales from the Longview


      Revise and publish Talysmana, the demo novel for How to Revise Your Novel


      Write The Emerald Sun: Book 3 of Moon & Sun


So that’s the plan.

Also, Sheldon, a.k.a. ShadowChaser, who got The Cat talking to me again…Sheldon ShadowChaser

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