Back to the words, and the World Clinic #WABWM

By Holly Lisle

The hiatus from writing was longer than I’d like, but necessary. Had to get the classroom built, get the lessons in place, get the sales page done.

BUT now it is done. Which means I have some time to go in and answer questions in the community.

Also means I get to get back to writing again. My goal for this morning is 1000 words on Create A World Clinic.

However…I’m out of practice. My head hasn’t been in words for a few months, and my start might be rocky. So I have my timer set up, I have my page set up, and I have three hours to give this today, because I have four other MUST DOs on my list. But writing gets my first effort. I will, however, be gentle with myself if I can’t get a full thousand my first day back.

Sorry I’ve been gone so long…this year is going to be a bit like that, though. For a while, anyway, as I get my other classes transferred to the new classroom and get them going again.


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