Back to the Land of the Living

By Holly Lisle

I’ve been sick enough since Thursday not to have written at all, which is why you’ve seen no changes on the progress bars, and no posts except for my two Ebay auction notices. I’ve had one of those bugs going around, and I’ve been horizontal except for brief periods to respond to auction questions.

The words, therefore, are languishing. So far this month I’ve done, by my count, 45000 — 11,000 on CCC and 34,000 to finish the first draft of ISY.

Today, while I still awful, I don’t have the inner ear issues that made sitting up such a challenge. So I’m going to see if I can make up some time.

My big challenge is going to be revising ISY. Claire wants to have it e-mailed to her by first thing in the morning Monday Nov. 28th — quick finger count makes that … 7 days, 20 hours, 50 minutes.

I have to add an additional 6,000 words — no problem. I have to add in one point of view — also no problem, figured out how I was going to do it while rolled up under the blankets. I have to get it all typed in and out of the way by late-night 27th, though, and that could be a bit of a challenge. So I’m probably not going to finish CCC this month. S’okay. I’ll give it my best shot anyway. I want to be able to make it available in January — and I want to take as much of December as I can off.

Starting back on the ISY write-in now — I’ve done 51 pages so far, or 10,353 words, so far.

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