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By Holly Lisle

Robin and I talked yesterday — we’re retitling the book THE RUBY KEY (deeply significant). And to send the YA off, I’ll need a short outline of the rest of the book and a summary of directions in which I’d like to take the series. Not so much work after all, then (until I start the worldbuilding retrofit, which I’ll have to do to actually write the book (and books to follow, I hope) — and I made good progress yesterday, reading and editing through the first ninety pages, and tossing out ideas to myself about where I could take the story.

The Ruby Key: Pictograph 1Today I have Inspiration running, and I’m doing the pictograph trick to force my mind to give me the story I want.

Basically, the pictograph trick is taking random images that strike my subconscious as being somehow meaninful to the story, clustering them, connecting them randomly, and then turning my subconscious loose once more to starting writing meaningful things about this hodgepodge. I’ve used the technique before, and always have wonderful results when I take the time to do it.

More to follow.

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