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Took Monday and Tuesday off because Matt had them off–his first two days off together since everyone in the house was so sick we couldn’t move. My writing schedule has changed to fit his work schedule—later start times, more irregular hours, and days of when he gets them rather than on the weekends in planned fashion. Otherwise we would barely get to see each other.

So the weblog will have some weekend entries again.

Meanwhile, I’m pushing hard to get the Green Magic proposal finished soon, so today is going to need to be a big word day. 4000 words minimum today–the length of one full chapter.

4000 tomorrow. A day or two to revise, and then I want to ship. Watch the progress bar for updates–this will be a challenge.

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2 responses to “Back to Green Magic”

  1. Holly Avatar

    I’m glad I can help, Raya. I love to see young writers set goals and reach them. I send my best wishes as you finish your first novel.

  2. RayaPenName Avatar

    I am a young aspiring writer and seeing someone so passionately working in the field that they love is very inspiring. I have been coming to this website for two years and it has improved my writing immensely. Unfortunately, as young as I am, I tend to abandon my writing from time to time. But thanks, greatly to this site and you holly, in these past weeks I have renewed my hunger for writing and I am nearing the end of my first novel. I have to thank you greatly for helping aspiring writers, like my self and wish you the best of luck on your proposal. I would love to say more, however, I have a novel to work on.
    Thank you again Holly, for inspiring, and teaching us, to write and to feed the insatiable huger to write well.

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