Back to Ghosts and Gremlins

By Holly Lisle

I spent the morning doing a final spit-polish on the Ghosts and Gremlins material that I wrote some ages ago — with a new agent and some new direction, I want to get it out there and see if I can find a home for it. It’s fun stuff. I’ve needed to do something that has a strong element of humor in it — I just need, personally, to step away from unrelieved intensity. The G&G books have some nice tight themes, and will have their share of scares and material that I’m passionate about — but I’ll definitely be pursuing a lighter touch with them.

Next, I’ll need to make sure Talyn is ready to go out again. May do that tonight, or perhaps tomorrow morning, depending on how my time maps out today.

And then, back to Midnight Rain, where I have uncovered a couple of huge ellipses … two days cannot go unremarked in a suspense novel. So I’ve probably discovered a pretty good chunk of my absent 20,000 words can patch the hole right there. Now I have to which words.

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