Back! Survived my journey through Heck. #wabwm

Margaret (my amazing tech wizard) and I have been working fourteen-to-sixeen hour days regularly for a while, and the last week has been dawn-to-pass-out with neither of us doing anything else.

But the end result as that the software she built for me that will allow me to offer all my multi-lesson courses in classrooms with all the goodies right in place and lessons delivered on a schedule…

…well, it works.

Our live test was 7-Day Crash-Revision Workshop, which accepted a small group of students on Wednesday, and a larger group on Thursday.

The software still has some rough edges—it can be slower than we anticipated in getting students into their classes—but she’s programming a fix for that now, and I’ve figured out faster ways to get to students with fixes for problems.

By the time How To Think Sideways Ultra goes live, it should be pretty smooth.

In celebration, I’m writing on Create A World Clinic today.

Don’t even remember my last word count.

But there will be words today. And on the weekend. That’s what I’m doing for fun before I start building the HTTS Ultra course into the classrooms next Monday afternoon. Because there will be words on MONDAY, too. 😀

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7 responses to “Back! Survived my journey through Heck. #wabwm”

  1. Jen of Hens Avatar
    Jen of Hens

    Gonna post here just because I need to post. Averaging 2000 words per day right now. Woo hoo!

    Hope to see a new #wabwm post soon. I miss them =/

    1. Holly Avatar

      Buried in setting up HTTS. Discovered if I don’t focus on one thing at a time, I’ll never finish either.

  2. Cheryl Avatar

    You’re extraordinary – you’re a dynamo! But please remember to slow down in small breaks at least ~~!

  3. JerryRace Avatar

    Apologies for bothering you with recent messages concerning HTRYN. thought I’d missed messages about the course starting date.

    1. Holly Lisle Avatar
      Holly Lisle

      No problem. I’ll send out messages when I get the thing into the new classroom. Have been eaten alive working on How To Think Sideways. I’d forgotten how gigantic the course is. (Gonna get bigger in the new version, too.)

  4. A. H. Browne Avatar

    Just got the 7-day revision. I was SO happy to get the coupon. Anything helps. I’m beyond tight on the budget right now. So far, the other books I’ve devoured haven’t helped me as much as I’d hoped. Your tips are better than them! haha Thank you for the coupon and the course. I’m off to study. 🙂

  5. Jen of Hens Avatar
    Jen of Hens

    Wow – sounds like a helluva project. Look forward to participating in it one day!

    More words here. Working through some pain myself. Oh – and I also had to shed a paid gig because the client was stringing me along. It happens. Still pisses me off though.

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