Back in the saddle again…WARPAINT revision resumes. #wabwm

Before I forget… (mentioned it in an e-mail last week, but forgot to mention it here)…

My Minecraft Spaceship Collection is now available.

Free download, no signup. I spent the last couple of days while I was resting building a bit of Bailey’s Irish Spacestation, which will figure prominently in at least a few of the next books. DEFINITELY Book Three. When it’s finished, I’ll put that up at exactly the same link, as Version 2. The spaceships, with a few updates, will remain in the download.

And now, rested, relaxed, and ready (the OTHER three Rs) I’m starting back on my editor’s revision of WARPAINT.

Wish me luck. I wish the same to you.

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4 responses to “Back in the saddle again…WARPAINT revision resumes. #wabwm”

  1. Gabby Avatar

    1030 words completed today and scene.
    The scene might have too much info but not sure yet. But I like how it turned out so far, just kind of surprised by it.

  2. gabby Avatar

    905 words since Thanksgiving. Hopefully I can get some more in today. But excited about the progress so far. The scenes are definitely coming out a lot better this time through.

    1. Gabby Avatar

      Holly, I hope the revising is going well. I know I’m much more excited about the story itself than about how quickly I can get my ‘paws’ on it. (For me, it’s definitely worth the wait to get a story you’re happy with).

      So I figured out in Scrivener- it helps to mark the scene for ‘inclusion in the compile’ if you actually want to track word counts… oops. So corrected count (with new stuff from tonight)is 2628.

  3. Jen of Hens Avatar
    Jen of Hens

    Bailey’s Irish Spacestation, eh? <> Methinks my coffee could use a tad spicing up! OK – perhaps not at 6:41 in the morning! LOL!

    Glad you are rested and rarin’ to go.

    Peace and words!

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