Back … Again

By Holly Lisle

I thought that when I made my Gremlins post, I was back and would be able to catch up on some of my private work (website, e-book editing and putting together, worldbuilding and manuscript crits) before getting back into the public work (I SEE YOU revisions, the next proposal).

Unfortunately, during my time off, my family and I got into an elevator with the wrong folks. Very small thing, couple of minutes in their company, wouldn’t think twice about it except a couple of them were coughing and dripping and bleary-eyed. I was already feeling a little off when I made the Gremlins post, and the next day, was sick. I spent every day through yesterday mostly in bed, sipping clear liquids, feeling like warmed-over crap. Nor was I alone. None of us are 100% yet.

But today I’m here whether I want another couple of days’ bedrest or not, because deadlines are dealines, and ISY is a big one.

I’m back at everything else, too. Sorry for my absence, and I hope your New Year was good.

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