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I figure Monica is writing right now, as I should be. (And will be again in a minute.) But I have a comment to her Privileges of Whiteness post that is awaiting moderation over on her blog at the moment, and this is as good a time as any to both link over to her post so you can read it, since it was written as a commentary/protest to Rant Cancellation, and to repost my comment here.

Which is:

Holly Lisle Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.
July 8th, 2005 at 6:40 am

My response to your comment to my post.
The short version is “I agree with the points you made, and always have.” But your point wasn’t the point of my post. The long version, of course, being a hell of a lot longer.

Monica says, “I think Holly feels, as many others do, that whites get the brunt of all the “you’re bigoted” and “you’re prejudiced and mean” bullshit and other races are just as bigoted and mean. Nobody takes up the banner of discriminated-upon white folks, especially for white men.”

I’ll note my objection to the touchy-feely-ness of “feels” in the above sentence — I’m not a touchy-feely person and I think issues through. I don’t judge issues based on feelings, and as an aside to anyone reading this, I am uninterested in hearing your feelings when discussing an issue, whoever you might be. If you have valid data to bring to the argument, we can talk.

Aside from that, yes, whites are the only group currently targeted as bigoted assholes in the US. And yes, other groups are bigoted assholes, too, with serious bigotry issues against whites. That was my subject, and the whole of my subject. I wasn’t attempting to take on all of race relations and prejudice, the experience of being black or yellow or red or rainbow-colored in America, or anything else. I don’t have the time, and writing at encyclopedic length, I couldn’t hope to do a subject that broad justice. I had a single topic, I stuck to it, and I addressed it in a relevent and clear fashion.

Monica has her issue, and she covers it well. But it isn’t the issue I addressed, nor is it an issue I have the background to address.

Her issue, however, does not make the issue I cover irrelevent or unimportant, though I can certainly understand why it is unimportant to her.

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