Autographed Books Hit the Mail

By Holly Lisle

I spent a couple of hours last night autographing the nine copies of Talyn for Sheila’s contest winners.

“A couple of hours?” you say.

Well, for some of them, I came up with all-new Old Tonk Proverbs. On some, I drew the winner’s Tonk monogram. (This would appropriately be worn tattooed between the shoulder blades, directly above the monogram of one’s saint. One’s clan mark, of course is tattooed on one’s left palm.) I struggled to think of meaningful things to say.

Yah, I can whip out a signature with the best of them, but there are only about nine autographed copies of the hardcover version of Talyn in the world right at the moment, and I wanted them to be special.

My congratulations again to all the winners.

(I do special things for the books I sign in person, too, so long as the lines are reasonable. Mine usually are. [insert sigh here])

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