About Holly

Novelist, writing teacher, on a mission to reprint my out-of-print books and self-publish my new ones.


Oh, and lest I forget, BlogBuddy, the neat little “post straight from the desktop” add-in that lets me skip going to the Blogger homepage ever. Fast, convenient, and very easy to install. It’s definitely time to kill somebody. Writing should be much more fun than HTML. … Continue reading →

I’m such a tech-ho

I’m supposed to be working on the book, mind you. But I discovered BlogBack while stuck, a neat little Blogger add-in code that lets visitors comment on the weblog, and had a happy half-hour dicking around with that. Writing is frequently much more fun that doing the website. It just doesn’t happen to be right now. … Continue reading →

Back to work

Getting started late today, but I’m hoping that improved focus and a growing determination that today somebody has to die will keep me rolling, and that this won’t be another 2,400-words-in-eight-hours ordeal. I’ve also decided that this will be a lot more interesting to read if I include the story turning points and the surprises that I come up with … Continue reading →

Bleeding Words

Jesus. My main character is a widow with a three-year-old son who can walk through worlds, whose sister is a glorified zombie, whose dead husband is still literally haunting her, whose would-be lover is secretly a Special Agent in the FBI, and who is charged with saving the worldchain from collapse . . . and I can’t squeak an extra … Continue reading →