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Novelist, writing teacher, on a mission to reprint my out-of-print books and self-publish my new ones.

Head did roll . . .

That was fun. A mild comment, a couple of well-armed zealots, and the sick sound of a detached head hitting a stone floor. Blood-Spilled-for-Freedom is no more, and his compatriots are just disgusting. And our heroes are just shocked as hell by the whole thing. I feel so much better. Nothing like a nice bloody slaughter to perk up a … Continue reading →

Death to the long-named ones

You want to know how a minor secondary character gets picked to die? The son of a bitch with the longest name is the one that goes, dude. I had my choice of Hell-Devourer, Sword-of-Cowards, Blood-Spilled-for-Freedom, Mother-of-Terror, and My-Sword-Cleaves-Evil — and Blood-Spilled-for-Freedom won the toss, because I am NOT typing that name a million times in the next seven books. … Continue reading →