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Novelist, writing teacher, on a mission to reprint my out-of-print books and self-publish my new ones.

The Teenage Tumor and Me: My Mini-Parathyroid Surgery and the Norman Parathyroid Center

I’m back following a parathyroidectomy and a couple days recovery. I’m tired, my neck is a bit swollen still and kind of sore, I’m bruised (I’m an easy bruiser, though). And I am happily rid of one thumb-above-the-distal-joint-sized parathyroid tumor that was between twelve and fifteen years old when Drs. Norman, Boone, and Parrack removed it in a fifteen-ish minute … Continue reading →

Surgery postponed for second surgery that takes priority

I’m not having surgery on my tongue tomorrow. I’ve now heard from my primary physician that pre-op labs and follow-ups revealed that I have primary hyperparathyroidism, which is usually caused by benign tumors on one or more of the four parathyroid glands. It’s fairly common in men and women in their fifties. Information on hyperparathyroidism and a very good video … Continue reading →

UPCOMING deletion of 16,000+ writers accounts from my new site

Read instructions below, then begin rescuing your account HERE ┬áDEADLINE March 1, 2016, 11:59 PM ET   This is a long post. I apologize. But I’m looking at the reality of having to delete more than 16,000 writers’ accounts containing more than 100,000 individual writing courses—and I want to give the folks who bought these courses the best chance possible … Continue reading →

I’ve put the HollysWritingClasses.com T-Shirts back on sale

I’m doing my best to stay calm, and I’m putting together a workshop on developing your writing voice that I hope to be able to offer before I have surgery. Because we’re still doing major site development integrating the forums, classrooms, and account, though, there’s no guarantee that this workshop will be available by then. However, a lot of people … Continue reading →

I’m fundraising with writer T-shirts

People have been asking me for T-shirts for ages. I kept trying to over-complicate the process, (trying to get names for the entire first HTTS graduating class to put on the shirt, for example). The shirts just never got done. Break to today. There are T-shirts. Limited-time only (there’s a reason, and I’ll get to it). They have the stunning … Continue reading →

Welcome to 2016. Do something small right now

New Year resolutions tend to be enormous. Lose 100 lbs. Become a professional novelist. Make a million dollars. By making resolutions this way, we make them impossible. The ONLY New Year resolution I completed successfully was this one. “Finish a novel before I turn 25.” And I finished that one because I sat down and figured out how many pages … Continue reading →

On the new site

We thought we were going to be ready to go live with HollysWritingClasses.com December 1st. Get all the members in, have the first couple of classes done and in place with the rest in progress. We’ve hit a completely unexpected problem—well, the Group B beta testers have hit it, actually—and while making our desired December 1st date for taking the … Continue reading →

Requesting 5 HTRYN Grad volunteers to test inside HollysWritingClasses.com

Rough tests on the first section of HollysWritingClasses.com are done. I’m now asking for 5 students with current accounts (you’ve been using your account within the past month or two) who are graduates of HTRYN and who would be willing to go in over the weekend and use the first part of the software we’ve built. This is still pretty … Continue reading →

HowToThinkSideways.com Site Move: LAST Chance to Correct Your Account

The move over at HowToThinkSideways.com is starting We’re starting to move member accounts onto the live new software, new domain, and new classrooms this week. In order to receive your new temporary password, you MUST have a working email address in your current account. Here are the steps to make sure you’ll be able to get to your stuff (INCLUDING … Continue reading →