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Novelist, writing teacher, on a mission to reprint my out-of-print books and self-publish my new ones.

My new Free 3-Day Fiction-Writing Workshop just went live

Free Workshop

This free workshop focuses on three things: Helping you build ideas — LOTS of them — that are right for your stories (instead of waiting around for ideas to come to you) Helping you create the right characters for your stories (instead of using random walk-ons who then drag your story in directions you didn’t want to go) Helping you … Continue reading →

Yes, It’s Revision… But Is It DELICIOUS?

Sheldon Helping 14

Like other folks, lots of writers have pets. And while it had been a whole lot of years since I had pets, for Christmas my guys got me a cat. Sheldon. Very cool cat. Likes to help. Really likes to help with revision, which is generally not an area where I welcome help. Here. Let me show you… How about … Continue reading →

Me, faith, God… and the good and kind folks who like me…

stones and gravity

I received today a truly wonderful email from a very kind woman with whom I had previously corresponded. In it she talked about this being the year of Christian/Jewish Restoration, and about how we were both due, and about how “I know you don’t like God all that much…” And she included a video to a beautiful Christian song, and … Continue reading →

Minerva Wakes Hardcover Delay

Minerva Wakes

Today was going to be my Get The Minerva Wakes Hardcover Done day. But I work exclusively on a Mac. And in indie publishing, POD publishers give no love to the Mac. I did a gorgeous job of formatting the book. All chapters on right-hand pages. No headers or page numbers on chapter pages. Nothing on blank left-hand pages opposite … Continue reading →

The Tale of the Tail in the TalysMana Revision

Revision Help

Last Friday, I printed out my manuscript and my revision worksheets, located my  pens, and set everything aside. Saturday was to be my first day of revision. And Saturday with the the big table cleared for writing, I started into revising my badly wrecked fantasy novel TalysMana, written back in 2010. I was planning on doing the way I always … Continue reading →

The Philosopher’s Gambit, Episode 3 of Tales from The Longview, is live!

The Philosopher Gambit: Longview 3

This story has been done (except for the teaser for Episode 4) since early 2015. It’s the follow-up to The Selling of Suzee Delight, and follows the regulars from the first two episodes, plus some new folks. Tales from The Longview is my approach to a dystopian universe — told from the point of view of people not content to … Continue reading →

Getting the books out, getting the word out.

Longview 2: The Selling of Suzee Delight

The second edition of Tales from the Longview, Episode 2: The Selling of Suzee Delight has entered distribution today. This is the sequel to Tales from The Longview, Episode 1: Born from Fire (previously released as Enter the Death Circus), now available permanently for free. I’m hoping to have the third episode, The Philosopher Gambit, ready to publish in two weeks. … Continue reading →