Attics and Basements and Monsters, Oh, MY!!!

Good writing day today in spite of having to fight with some software. Not the software’s fault, but owning both the version sold by Apple and the version sold by the software’s creator…

Should not be news to anyone, but buying from the creator turns out to be the way to go. You get fantastic customer support from a live person quickly, and the recommendations actually work.

Meanwhile, novel-wise. I discovered today that my word count was artificially inflated by having saved two chapters that I knew I wanted to use (but not necessarily in this book) down to the bottom of my Scrivener sidebar. They were still checked as active in there, so they were counted, and for a few minutes, I thought I’d hit my completion wordcount with a long way to go to the end of the story.

When I unchecked them, all of a sudden I had 57,490 words, and I still have enough elbow room in this novel to do thing things I want, and still hit 70,000.

So… good day all around.

Recommended software for folks with Macs who blog? Red Sweater’s Mars Edit. I’ve been using this for years, and it makes blogging fun, and straightforward, and it eliminates a whole lotta pain-in-the-ass back and forth stuff, including logging into your blog to post in the posting window.

You do everything on your computer.

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