At week’s end, the Core of Create A World Clinic is done

Now, the book itself is not done, and remembering that I initially estimated that I’d be able to bring it in at 30,000 words, and sitting right at the doorstep of that number with Dot World, Line World, and Toothpaste World complete, I face the reality that I am going to have to squeeze like hell to fit what’s left into the 17,000 or so words remaining to bring it in at 45,000.

I’ve been doing demos. Religiously. Demos take up space, but they make processes learnable.

So, then…

What remains to squeeze into the last section of the book? Oh, nothing much. Except:

  • Container Worlds
  • Knowable Worlds
  • Infinite Worlds
  • Mapping
  • Language and Culture Whens and Whys (since I already wrote whole books for these, this section will be short, at least)
  • Progress Tracking and Continuity
  • Time-and-Space Lines
  • Debugging Your Work

That look like a lot to you? Looks like a lot to me. And I’ve gotta include the demos.

So. Roughly 850 words today. Moving on to other necessities.

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3 responses to “At week’s end, the Core of Create A World Clinic is done”

  1. Roisin Avatar

    Holly, the consistent explain-demonstrate format of all your non-fiction is what makes them so helpful for me. Monkey see, monkey do, monkey learn.

  2. Michelle Avatar

    Fully understanding that having a word count is about staying sane as a writer, and keeping the project on a deadline, more words on Create A World Clinic sounds awesome to me 🙂

    I’m about to sit down to write. With any luck, I’ll get at least a 500 words in.

  3. Jack Avatar

    Hey Holly,

    Having read a few of your books for writers, I know that they read fairly quickly. Beginners will want as much info as possible on this particular subject as us first timers are probably the most likely to under/over create our worlds. More experienced writers were probably only going to take certain bits anyway.
    Got nearly 2000 words yesterday. A section of the book that I expected to be painstakingly slow turned out to be rather juicy and left me with an explanation of why magic exists in my world and how my world was created as well as a backstory to the religion, a brief explanation of the political structure and an explanation of why the gods can’t just kill all the bad guys. Now I’m heading towards a seperation of my main character from the character he was travelling with. So, I’m having to try and slide all the info my main character needs tio take into the next part of the boojk while still moving the plot forward. Probably, won’t get too many words but I should set myself up nicely to get a lot tomorrow!

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