At 3 PM Today, The Think Sideways Course Re-Opens

The charter students for How To Think Sideways: Career Survival School for Writers have hit the halfway mark in class, so I’m re-opening the doors for a smaller second class.

You’re invited to take a look at the curriculum, read student breakthroughs from the Eureka Board, watch excerpts from some of the course movies (as well as one that was just a test), and find out more about the course here.

Join us. We’re having a remarkable time.

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4 responses to “At 3 PM Today, The Think Sideways Course Re-Opens”

  1. Holly Avatar

    Eek. I’m obviously going to have to NOT set the book in Southern california. 😀 Thanks, Alan.

  2. Alan Kellogg Avatar

    Hi Holly,

    Read your newsletter just a few minutes ago; hope the novel goes well. Since you’ve been writing about looking at things sideways, and the opening to your new opus is in Oct., it occurred to me that sometimes looking at a situation sideways comes because of your immediate situation.

    Here, on this October 7th 2008 in the city of San Diego California it is 85 degrees fahrenheit. This is normal. At this time of year we alternate between a high pressure system over the Colorado Plateau and a low pressure system. With the first instance we get an off-shore wind that blows dry and hot. With the second it is an on-shore wend that is moist and cool. So were your novel to open in San Diego when a high held sway it might begin …

    A hard sun dessicated the floral displays that October Sunday. No one wore a coat, not even the cemetery staff, and not a few of the women mourners wore light weight gray blouses without bras. One learns quickly that the sight of a woman’s teats are preferable to extra corpses at a funeral when one lives in southern California.

    There was this one woman. A pale woman with dark hair garbed in a red dress. A light construction that gave her form the right mystery while doing nothing truly substantial towards obscuring sight of her skin.

    She had a rash. A fungicide and a few hours in the sun would’ve done her a lot of good.

  3. hearwritenow Avatar

    I’ve jumped in now that the year-long course is available. I’m so excited.

    (Good luck Matt)

  4. MattScudder Avatar

    Wish I could. Boy do I. But money has never been tighter. (Which is weird, ’cause I sure been in some tight spots before.)

    So fingers crossed I win one of the Twitter scholarships. 🙂

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