Ask questions, get a cool bonus…

Keeping this brief.

If you’re interested in HTTS ULTRA (or even if you’re not, but just want the cool mini-writing workshop you’ll get the day before the launch as a pre-launch bonus), sign up here:

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6 responses to “Ask questions, get a cool bonus…”

  1. Kate Roberts Avatar
    Kate Roberts

    The one question I have is how much is it the ultra if you bring your own lessons because you bought them individually?

    1. Holly Avatar

      There are a number of possible additional discounts you may qualify for, but if you bring your own lessons, it is INSTANTLY $144.71 less.

  2. Rebecca Anne Avatar
    Rebecca Anne

    Holly will we still be able to download videos to watch away from the classroom with this course if they are any?

    1. Holly Avatar

      Of course. And they work a lot better now, too. 😀

  3. Dianna Bell Avatar
    Dianna Bell

    Something I’m not terribly clear on, sorry–I signed up last year for HTTS before you closed it down. If I’ve been understanding correctly, I may be included in Ultra at no extra charge?

    1. Holly Avatar

      Yep. If you’re still on the HTTS list, you should have received an email either last night or this morning letting you know how to get into class.

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