Nothing is simple, though sometimes things do a wonderful impression of being simple. For example:

Breathe in.

Breathe out.

Simple, right? At least until you go down to the cellular level, look at the exchange of oxygen for carbon dioxide, look inside the cells that carry the oxygen and the cells that receive it, follow the paths of the neurons that carry messages from your brain and your spinal cord to your lungs.

Then it’s not simple at all.

But in spite of life’s complexity, it’s possible to simplify the complex, to break massive tasks into doable steps, to tuck away the complexity behind a shield that lets you move from day to day, from word to word. To set aside awareness of complexity and embrace the beauty of ‘breathe in, breathe out.’

And life runs better when you both know how it works and focus on the simple paths that allow you to do complex things.

Like write books.

Like build the life you want to live.

Like make the choice to experience joy in a world that focuses on everything but.

So the many essays in my Articles section focus on doing that: On exploring the complex and creating simple paths through it.

Read, write, and live with joy.

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Holly Lisle