Article Completed

Fiction writing has stalled to the point that I’m taking the next four days off. I haven’t had a day off in ages, and clearly I need one. Or several. With luck, I’ll be eager to get back to work once the days off have passed, and will be able to catch back up to my deadline.

Prior to skipping out, I did finish the workshop for the next issue of Vision, which is titled How to Write Fiction That Sucks (changed to How to Write Suckitudinous Fiction in the revised draft). I think this will be a very useful article for some people, and at least a funny reminder about what not to do for everyone else.

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2 responses to “Article Completed”

  1. Alex Avatar

    ‘How to write fiction that sucks’. Hmm, I should be an absolute expert at that, having done it for so many years. I hope Talyn doesn’t stall you for too much longer.

  2. Joel Avatar

    Happy dance sent your way to "replenish" those aching imagination muscles. As for the real thing, I recommend either a massage therapist or your favorite comfort foods.

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