Arrgh! Have passed halfway

I didn’t realize how very much I’d changed in the revision.

A bad headache shot me down last night not long after I started type-in. So I got up early this morning and I’ve been typing since just past six-thirty AM.

I’ve just passed halfway, and while I think I was less bloodthirsty in revising the second half, this has already been one long day of work. And there’s plenty more to come, since it WILL be finished tonight.

Everything has been on hold for the last few days; I will get back to e-mails and other communication. Soon. In the meantime, apologies for the silence.

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3 responses to “Arrgh! Have passed halfway”

  1. TinaK Avatar

    Hope things are going well Holly. It’s always exciting to ‘watch’ you work.

  2. Chassit Avatar

    No need to apologize, Holly.

    Hope things are going well and that you’re feeling better.


  3. PolarBear Avatar

    Hang in there, Holly. I hope things are coming along well for you.

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