Army had a half-day… #WABWM

9:27 AM

Today is a family holiday, so on my schedule I have the day off. However, I have a few hours to myself starting now, and I’ll get as much of the write-in done as I can in the time I have.

Yesterday, I didn’t quite make it through the read-through of the nine chapters I’d typed in earlier. I found a couple issues that had to be addressed in order to keep the story consistent with it’s much better ending, so I didn’t show any official progress on my progress bar, in spite of the fact that I did a lot of work.

And I’m adding something in this revision—a theme line. A written-out sentence of the part of the theme (or subtheme) I want each chapter to move forward.

Not a lot of time today, though, so…


I’m enjoying reading your progress, by the way. Haven’t commented, but it’s cool to see other projects coming together.

Write on…

(P.S. The headline is a quote from Arrested Development, the second most rewatchable and quotable TV show in history. The first being Firefly, of course.)

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One response to “Army had a half-day… #WABWM”

  1. Jen of Hens Avatar
    Jen of Hens

    2074 words so far today. The words flowed a little less well today as I got sucked into a hyper-divisive debate. Silly me – shoulda known better. Live and learn. So I spent time being mad about the same old, same old. Nothing was accomplished by me being involved.

    So I move on and try to reconnect with my muse and my mojo. That’s where what I think and feel and do actually matters. Gonna check in with some exercises in “Mugging the Muse” and grab the “feel goods” again.

    Happy family holiday! I’ll definitely eat another piece of that chocolate ganashe torte in solidarity with your holiday. And then feast on salad for dinner!

    Here’s to recapturing the peace within and putting the prose on paper.

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