Arhel Series

Fire in the Mist was my first novel, and the 1993 Compton Crook Award Winner for Best First Novel in 1993.
Bones of the Past and Mind of the Magic are the sequels.

FIRE IN THE MIST (Arhel Book 1) Winner of the Compton Crook Award for Best First Novel

A young shepherdess, drawn home from the fields by the haunted certainty that something is wrong, discovers her world utterly destroyed, and in the process unleashes depths of magic within herself not even she suspected.

Dragged by strangers into a life she detests in a city where she doesn’t belong, she reveals lies of history, monsters disguised as allies, and a secret the grand city that claims her has foolishly hidden—a secret that will destroy it and its inhabitants if she and her few tenuous allies cannot reverse the deadly threat wild magic has set free.

BONES OF THE PAST (Arhel Book 2) Sometimes the Mysteries of the Past Are Better Left Alone…

A ragtag band of outcast children lead Faia Rissedote, Medwind Song, and a group of wizard researchers in search of Arhel’s Lost City of the First Folk, long forgotten and thought to mythical. But before they can even hope to discover the truth of Arhel’s secret past, they must contend with its very real and dangerous present, from mysterious ancient artifacts to a traitor’s betrayal to a living jungle with a horrible secret…and each step brings them closer to the truth.

But sometimes the truth does more than hurt…

Sometimes it kills…

MIND OF THE MAGIC (Arhel Book 3) The Source of the World’s Magic Has Gone Mad…

To Faia Rissedote’s dismay, the use of magic in Arhel has gotten out of control, and even people who could never use magic before are suddenly building castles in the air. Unneeded, unwanted, Faia discovers facts about herself she never suspected.

But when Arhel’s magic dies and civilisation is thrown back to a way of life no one remembers how to manage, Faia sets out to find the truth and fix the problem…

And discovers that love cannot be captured, only given; that history lies; and, the lies history tells hide truths that always come back to hunt the people who ignore them.

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