Apple is Fighting for YOUR Right to Privacy

Apple is fighting for your privacy.
Apple is fighting for your privacy.
I bitch about Apple being a pain in the ass for not keeping old document formats for me on new systems. I don’t like the Apple store’s “Walled Garden” approach. And I think the newest iPhones are so ugly and crippled that I got a Samsung instead. I disagree rabidly with their “free tech to people in crappy countries” program—which is sending iPads and things like them to countries that don’t have the infrastructure to support them.

But Apple was my first-EVER experience with technology that just worked. Mostly, it still “just works.”

I still buy Apple. I still use Apple products. And when Apple gets something right, dammit, I want to say so, and say it loudly.

Apple is fighting for your right to privacy. For your freedom. Not Google. Not Facebook. Not just about everyone else.

Apple is right about individual privacy on the internet.

You will have the choice to make your life better if you read the link above.

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6 responses to “Apple is Fighting for YOUR Right to Privacy”

  1. Rez Avatar

    I think we’re in agreement, just expressing it with different degrees of cynicism. Fair enough.

    Also agree with you on the “greater good” — that being what you get when three wolves and a sheep decide what’s for dinner. Historically, the most free societies have been those built by perverse individualists — even as they work together, because it’s in their own best interests.

    1. Holly Avatar

      That would be my exact definition of the greater good. 😀

  2. Texanne Avatar

    Not, in general the biggest Cook fan, but he’s dead right on this. And, of course, Apple’s business model is built to parallel their moral stance. What’s wrong with that? In fact, every business’s model is aligned with their moral and philosophical attitude.

    What struck me as ironic about the whole reading experience over there was that in order to comment, or even to vote another comment up or down, you had to be logged in to Facebook. I’m not on Facebook any more, and can’t foresee ever being on it again because Facebook is a giant stealer of data. Not to mention Time.

  3. Nickolaus Pacione Avatar

    I said something very similar to Anne Rice and O. S. Card to on this too and had written the story where fan fiction writers equate the story to Piss Christ.
         I gave fan fiction writers some meat on the bone if they were to fan fiction stories of Lake Fossil and it’s trilogy. I told them the condition they write it I get to publish it. I had pissed off a lot of fan fiction writers who has written novel length work with characters the didn’t own outright. I am protective of August Derleth’s work too and I don’t want his work fanfic’d either unless it was his grandson doing the story. I call that character a family created character like the Zuni Fetish Doll is a family owned character too. Meta-horror is a different animal all together and real person horror is something that had been noticed in recent years.

  4. Rez Avatar

    Apple is about Apple, not about your privacy or anything else that might not benefit Apple. If they are “fighting” for something, it’s because they see an upside of attracting more customers, not for the principle of the thing. Right now privacy is a hot-button topic, customers are demanding it, and corporate liability for security breaches is only a class-action suit away.

    I will add that even if the true reason is purely corporate profit, it cannot hurt to have more awareness and more push toward individual privacy… assuming it actually happens.

    You might want to read:

    and comments here (notably rgaff and dbm):

    (I knew Bruce through an APA long before he became famous. He’s always told it like it is. Hence I trust his opinions about security stuff.)

    1. Holly Avatar

      Hi, Rez,

      I don’t expect business to be altruistic—to do things that would damage it for some vague philosophical ‘greater good.’

      I am anti-greater-good—because at its very base, the philosophy of the greater good is that the life of the individual can be sacrificed at will for some vague abstraction that, when pursued to the core, sacrifices all individuals into the maw of whichever thug organization is using the lie of the greater good to grab power.

      I am pleased, rather, to see Apple discovering that respecting and protecting the right of the individual is actually a benefit to business. If this helps Apple sell more products, and better yet, if it causes those businesses currently selling the privacy of the individual to LOSE market share, then it will in the end serve the needs of the individual. That it does so by rewarding the company that has taken this step is an excellent case of what Ben Franklin called “doing well by doing good.”

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