Apparently “New Man” Is Female

By Holly Lisle

And female of the worst and most useless sort, too. Ye gods and turd-slinging simians, what fresh hell is this?

For the record, narcissicism is not a positive trait in a human being, male or female. “I cannot abide useless people,” to quote one of the sweeter lines from Firefly, the finest show not on television. Bergdorf Blondes, capably reviewed by Monica Jackson (and the only book I’ve thrown away as being too bad to even trade in), is the female version of “useless people.” These guys — promoed by French fashionistas, no less, are the male version. Got no use for people who “explore themselves” at the expense of family, nor for those whose lives are exclusively about themselves rather than about other people.

About the best thing I can say about this particular trend is that these fuckers are unlikely to reproduce.

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